Heather is consulted in article for Newsmax.

The day-to-day anxieties and stress associated with COVID-19 can wreak havoc with our bodies, mentally and physically. These may cause symptoms of fatigue, gastrointestinal upset, elevated blood pressure and pulse, as well as depression, sadness and strained relationships. Dr. Elliott S. Dacher, a renowned medical expert and meditation expert, tells Newsmax that a simple breathing exercise can help calm the body and mind, and help relieve these symptoms.

“The mind, body, and spirit are a seamlessly interwoven unit,” he says. “For millennia, people who have studied the workings of the mind say that there is a special relationship between breathing and consciousness.”

Heather Berg, a registered yoga teacher from South Florida, has noticed that many of her clients have been experiencing headaches, back pain, and other ailments since the pandemic began.