I’ve been practicing yoga on and off since 1970 and have had many excellent teachers in my time. But studying with Heather has brought my practice to a whole new level. Aside from the physical and even mental benefits of the practice, yoga as taught by Heather becomes a mirror in which you become more aware of yourself, more connected to who you are underneath all the trappings, more in tune with your true passion and most important, you become who you are meant to be.
My life has changed as a result of her gentle but utterly human approach to the practice, I accept myself, love myself and accept and love others more honestly and deeply. It’s a good thing!

Lynn Allison, Best-selling author and award-winning medical journalist

I have had the privilege of taking yoga classes with Heather Marcus Berg over the past 4+ years and in that time, have watched her blossom and find her voice and then be able to pass on to her class her knowledge. She does it seamlessly with wit sprinkled into philosophy and of course, the guidance of achieving the maximum benefit of each posture.
Heather does what seems to be an impossible feat – the classes are often packed with at least 50 students of varying ages and abilities and yet she is able to offer alternatives for all levels and then is right there, walking around, giving assists to those in need. Because of Heather, I have been able to delve more deeply into the roots of yoga and have hopefully achieved multiple benefits to my mind, body and soul.

Robin M.

What a treat! Heather made the practice of SUP Yoga so accessible and engaging but mostly, she provided the trust, patience and playfulness I needed being in such an unfamiliar environment! Can’t wait to play again and again and again! I AM…inJOY!!

Juli Kagen, author of Mind Your Body: Pilates for the Seated Professional

I just wanted to say thank you for your help with meditation/ yoga. Since starting with you a year ago my whole mind frame has changed. I notice myself telling people when they asked how I feel I would say to them, “hiring a private meditation/ yoga coach has been a lifesaver for me.” You know I’ve been dealing with Lyme disease for 7 years and I think out of all the treatments I have tried hiring you was the best treatment yet (and cheapest). Thank you!

Kristy G.

I am very fortunate to have Heather as my yoga instructor. I started my yoga journey at age 55, tentative at first, but thanks to Heather’s compassion for others, her excellent communication skills, and patient, judgment free instruction, I have become confident in my practice and look forward to every session. She is a genuinely nice person who is ever mindful of her student’s level of physicality, gently encouraging us with each new pose. For me, yoga has become a welcome part of my overall fitness regimen.

Michael Tomasso, Tomasso’s Pizza

Heather is a fantastic teacher. Her Vinyasa class provides the perfect balance of challenges and relaxation/stretching. Her yin class is addictive, giving you a fabulous “yoga high” that can last for hours! Every time I take her class I learn some new way to tweak my 4 year practice. I feel strong, both mentally and physically, after taking a class taught by her.

Abby M.

The first Yin class I ever took was with Heather and it was magical! She is an amazing teacher on and off the mat. Her classes at the Sacred Treehouse are a favorite of all our students and staff. In fact, today I had a private with Heather and I have renewed my LOVE of yoga and my body is singing her praises.

Patti Shutt, Psy.D Licensed Psychologist and Life Coach
Therapeutic Oasis of the Palm Beaches

The day I met Heather was the day that changed my life! We met 7 years ago; when on a whim I decided to take her 6am spin class. I connected with her energy immediately! We quickly became friends and she introduced me to the world of exercise. We ran 5 K’s, rode 30 miles on A1A every Sunday morning, and then she talked me into taking my first yoga class. I have been addicted ever since!
With the demands of 3 teenage daughters and my mother’s caretaker, I would have lost my mind, if I didn’t take the time to do yoga and breathe. Even when life is somewhat calm, Heather has taught me to be “present”, take “time” for myself and enjoy a quiet “moment”.
When Heather teaches, she channels and directs her class with a flow that is so intuitive and natural, your body, breath and thoughts will interact as one. It’s truly incredible!
I will forever be grateful to Heather for introducing Yoga and balance to every stage of my life. She is a precious gem that shines on everyone she touches.
Colleen T.


I was a complete beginner and secretly thought yoga was not for me. But Heather has taught me with incredible patience and skill and now I’m hooked. I look forward to our early morning practices and feel so energized and much calmer throughout my days after yoga. I can’t imagine a better initiation into the world of yoga than with Heather. Thank you!

Rabbi Amy Rader, Executive Director
The Neshamah Institute

Through the practice of Yoga, whether It be Yin or Vinyasa, Heather gives us her full breadth of knowledge with both humor and insight. She helps us to understand who we are, who she is and what we have in common. Heather accomplishes this by reading our thoughts when we are in a challenging pose because she too has been there. We are able to laugh at ourselves take stock and breathe through the pose.
Heather encourages her students to trust themselves and listen to their bodies so that injury does not occur.
I have learned to be more patient, less reactive, kinder to myself and to others. Heather has enriched my practice and for this I am deeply, deeply grateful.

Elaina M.

About Heather

heather doing a yoga pose

Heather’s precisely cued invigorating Hatha classes focus on cultivating breath and body awareness while her Yin classes relax both the body and mind taking practitioners to a deeper level of sensitivity and stillness, both inside and out.