What Kind of Yoga Do You Teach?

What I call it is  A Practice to Pause. To allow students to slow down enough to even ask the question,

“What is it I want to experience from the practice?”

Yoga is So Much More than Asana

I often say, Yoga is so much more than Asana (the postural practice). I felt this after the very first class I took in college back in 1991. We did many Sun Salutations, many of the Warrior poses, and we balanced. The teacher guided us to move with our breath. At the...

Happy New Year

Dear Students and Friends on the path of yoga, The beginning of a new year often inspires many of us to write and talk about resolutions/intentions that are often well meaning, but short-sighted. I try not to treat the last day of each year too differently...

Adventures in Essaouira

Magical moments are not uncommon for yoga retreat attendees. The yogis leave a bit different than they arrived having experienced something extraordinary they either did not expect or did not know they were capable of.

A Consistent Yoga Practice

If it weren’t for a consistent Yoga Practice, I don’t know if the work that I am doing with all of you can be sustainable. Undoubtedly, without a committed, daily practice the more intense, often overwhelmed, more reactive part of me would determine the choices I...

Using Yoga to Distract from Yoga?

As I continue my practice of self-discovery, it’s important that I share what is helping me live more purposefully. Since I have been integrating more spiritual principles into my life, it would seem negligent to NOT share this information. My classes are structured...

The Beauty Around You

This May, I had the honor of being a guest teacher at Rancho La Puerta in Tacate, Mexico.  If you haven’t been or even heard of this place, definitely add this to your list of places to go!   I was able to bring a guest with me, so I asked my mom.  We started each day...

Slow, Deep Mindful Yoga Practice

Slow, deep mindful yoga practice is what I am interested in practicing and teaching at this point in my life. Those of you who have been with me since I began teaching in 2012, I'm sure, have witnessed a revision. I'm not only talking about a physical change in my...

About Heather

heather berg

Heather’s precisely cued invigorating Hatha classes focus on cultivating breath and body awareness while her Yin classes relax both the body and mind taking practitioners to a deeper level of sensitivity and stillness, both inside and out.