Slow, deep mindful yoga practice is what I am interested in practicing and teaching at this point in my life. Those of you who have been with me since I began teaching in 2012, I’m sure, have witnessed a revision. I’m not only talking about a physical change in my practice (which is definitely evident). It is becoming more tangibly apparent that yoga is shedding light on my mental and emotional patterns and the quality of attention to these samskaras.

My personal practice is imperative. Experiential learning is key to my growth and teaching. It’s essential for me to know how I feel things in my body and what emotions/thoughts arise. Each time I come to the mat, I cannot expect to feel as I did yesterday. The discipline of the work (in a gentle practice) is only to do the right amount for how am today. It means I need to get quiet and still so I can ask myself, “how do I feel?” This can be tricky as I don’t always know how I feel or if I do know, I don’t always know the right amount for it. The challenge, then, is that I need to make some kind of determination about it; I need to decide what the boundary is for me, right now, in this moment.

The discipline is to work within that and not go past. It’s about finding the right amount of intensity that helps me stay focused. Some days I need to lay in shavasana and just be. Or I covet breath work, pranayama. Other days, my body and mind require more to stay focused on the moment; different variations of sun salutations often does the trick. I am constantly learning how to listen to my body to create an energy flow that is attractive to me. That draws me in. That keeps my attention.

Through my authentic practice, I am finding a beautiful residence. It is through this intimate time I set aside for myself that reveals physical sensations, emotions that exclusively belong to me, the person experiencing it. I cannot assume you will feel as I do when I practice; but as people we need to get to know ourselves. As a teacher, I am here to hold space for you to have your own experience.